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“I have tried many commercialized shampoos that are available in the market just to test the product to my damaged hair but unluckily my hair still damaged. And since, my hair is damaged; I am prone to hair fall which is my problem. My hair is not that thick so that I feel dented whenever I see falling hair every time I comb. Good thing is, before my hair gets totally out of my head, I discovered the Lauat Herbal Hair Treatment Shampoo – a 100% herbal shampoo.

I love the effect of this shampoo on my hair, day-by-day, as I combed my hair, I noticed that my hair fall lessen, and I know as I continue using this shampoo there will be no hair fall at all, instead a soft, healthy and silky hair that dance with the air will come out. And I am so excited with that!”

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Just because your hair is soft and shiny doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. The artificial sheen and silkiness of its strands could be hiding dandruff, brittleness, and tiny bald patches brought on by the chemicals that you use every day.

“Our hair is perhaps the most abused part of our bodies. We put chemicals on our hair every day, shampoos, dyes… It’s no surprise that men and women are suffering from falling hair,” says Dr. Rainier Villanueva, a Filipino neurosurgeon who developed the all-natural hair and scalp care line, Lauat. It comes from the combination of three indigenous plant extracts: Lawat (Litsea glutinosa), Gugo (Entada phaseoloides), and Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO (Cocos nuciferas). Sold in the market for 23 years, Lauat has reached the US, Germany, Italy and the Middle East.

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